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Do you feel happy in all areas of your life, except money?

When I worked in the corporate environment, I had solid secure income, savings, pension, no debt.

Inside I did not feel valued, I often judged my level of my success by the balance in my bank account which I felt was never enough, I strived for higher financial goals but never felt satisfied.

Then, I became an entrepreneur who I quickly realized that my negative money thoughts, anxiety around money, beliefs of not enough and hidden fears were not in alignment with the success I desired to achieve.

These words would change my world.

"The Energy of Money"

Your money thoughts matter. It leads to how you feel and your feelings are your emotions which leads to Energy.

If you are a professional in the financial industry or an entrepreneur whose ready to change how you think and feel about yourself, relationships, and money. You have been guided to the right place.

I am a guide to teach you self-awareness, emotional mastery and best of all how to live life in alignment.




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Our Emotions Around Money Can Teach Us How Free We Are

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What does living in alignment feel like?


Expanding or growing into higher expression of self.

Creative, inspiring, open, loving, and confident.

Healthy sense of self-esteem to make empowered choices.

Courage to speak up or speak out.

Seeks happy, healthy relationships where everyone thrives.

Shows up as real authentic self.

Prefers deep connection, truthful honest communication.

Creates healthy boundaries.

Dreams for a brighter future living in alignment now.

Not staying stuck when out of alignment which is feeling blamey, overly guilty, indecisive, victim, shame, insecure or fearful.


"Whatever the mind of woman can conceive and believe, it can be achieved. 

Napoleon Hill  Think and Grow Rich


It starts with understanding your Sacred Money Archetype!

We all have a money story. Right now your money story might not be in alignment with the success you want to create. In order to heal money wounds you have to discover what they are. Sacred Money Archetypes hold the key to the real you because they help you become aware of the unconscious behaviors, patterns, thoughts and emotions you have about money, abundance and so much more.  Understanding your Sacred Money Archetypes will help you unlock your hidden potential and attract more abundance into your work. Archetypes are all about creating alignment, with your energy, your values and how you use your money!

If you are ready to take the next steps to empower a positive new money relationship, let's open the door to have a conversation about the ways I can support you.


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Kalyn Sloan

Empathic Writer

Janet’s Awaken Your Inner Power Coaching is at the core of women’s personal and professional development because it exposes and explores what we need to allow: self-value.

This work is timely, it’s needed, and it’s a gift. Thank you, Janet.  

Candace McKim

Intuitive Coach
Janet implemented exact step-by-step strategies to clear out what was holding me back in business. Her intuitive wisdom helped anchor in new beliefs and confidence.
I have now levelled-up my business. As a result, it’s thriving and making the impact I knew on a soul level it could.

Tanya Grace

Financial Advisor
I have made such profound awareness’s that I have released limited beliefs that have held me back from being the best version of myself.
This program has up-leveled my confidence, prosperity, business practice, and significantly expanded my relationship with myself.

I am Janet Key.

My mother once said to me, “Janet I see what you are doing. You are breaking the chains of our family. I am proud of you.”

I did not grow up in an environment that knew how to express love easily.

My father had a severe mental illness, and would never support our family emotionally, mentally, or financially.

We grew up on welfare, my young mother did the best she could.

Like many women, she struggled with confidence, fears of making it on her own, and lack of belief in herself to create her own financial resources, often trapping her in unhealthy relationships.

When I became a mother, I was desperate for things to change.

When I was given a key to find happiness.

I became a student of personal development, healed from my own childhood wounds, and found happiness within myself as I connected to higher truths regarding who I was.

The day would arrive when I would  change my own path.

I found the courage to leave my own unhealthy marriage.

I had been a stay at home mom, left with no support, no alimony, only debt, which led to a personal bankruptcy.

I was determined to find financial freedom.

I obtained a career in the financial industry. I was a good money manager, had no debt, savings, pension, and a good salary.

I was happy in all areas of my life, except money.

When I applied what I knew about money thoughts, dug deeper into my own unconscious money beliefs and fears, my entire world changed.

Then a new birth occurred….Prosperous Woman!

"If you want to change your fruits, you will have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible."

T.Harv Ekar, Secrets of a Millionaire Mind

My Story

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Transformational workshops designed to create change from the inside out. Discover unconscious fears that may be sabotaging your success. Empower healthy self-esteem  with physical and emotional money management skills. Sustainable positive money behaviors to  create your brighter future. Live your prosperous life in alignment.

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Money Mastermind Intensive

This intensive is designed for you to create and live life in powerful alignment. After you explore all of the delicious details of what’s involved in this container and you are READY to say YES to invest in YOUR wealth creation apply for your spot!

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1:1 Private Coaching

For things to change you have to change. Are you ready to empower a positive new money relationship that will pull you forward into your next levels of success. Working with money from a holistic space we will explore everything from physical money management, chakra clearing, aligning your internal money blueprint. Discover keys to self-mastery and emotional mastery.

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