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Heart-centered, mission-driven spiritual entrepreneurs, sales professionals, leaders hire me to learn how to stop overworking and overgiving. I support them in igniting their income to the next level, inspiring an abundant money mindset, and growing an authentic, soul-aligned business.

You are worthy of living your dream life!

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Katie Potratz

Hypnotherapist & Coach

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Janet and I can attest to her massive knowledge of money and financial abundance!

Janet is a top-notch money mindset professional and definitely someone you want in your corner! If you need clarity or guidance on financial abundance, Janet is your girl!

Candace McKim

Intuitive Coach
Janet implemented exact step-by-step strategies to clear out what was holding me back in business. Her intuitive wisdom helped anchor in new beliefs and confidence.
I have now levelled-up my business. As a result, it’s thriving and making the impact I knew on a soul level it could.

Tanya Grace

Financial Advisor
I have made such profound awareness’s that I have released limited beliefs that have held me back from being the best version of myself.
This program has up-leveled my confidence, prosperity, business practice, and significantly expanded my relationship with myself.

Prosperous Goddess!

As a registered yoga teacher and with a background in finance, I take our relationship with money from a physical to a soul level.

Changing The Way You Think and Feel About Money

I guide you to understand the energy of money and the role limiting beliefs play in blocking the success you want to achieve. When you value and own your worth, you unleash your inner goddess!

Happiness, healthy relationships, and freedom are the core foundations of living your dream life.


My Story

Limiting beliefs, fears, and feeling lack or not good enough keep you playing small. They are negative root causes that diminish your entrepreneurial success.

Your inner world creates your outer world.

It's time to dig deeper, to look at what's holding you back from living your soul's highest and greatest potential.

It's time to break free!

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