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About Janet


Janet Key is a soulful money coach who works with the energy of you and money in a way that frees your spirit, expands your vision, and helps you achieve your goals.

Janet incorporates her background is as a certified yoga therapist and Financial Planning services advisor to teach women both physical and emotional aspects of money management.

She teaches women how to identify money blocks, fears, and wounds that prevent women from becoming creators of their own financial freedom.

Janet provides keys for women to unlock their own inner abundant codes through an empowering course in money alignment. 

Janet has been nominated for the Trailblazer Award at Women of Influence Awards 2020. 

Throughout her career in finance, she has achieved licensing in Mutual Funds, Financial Planning I & II, and Life Insurance.

She has also completed numerous coaching certifications, including Certified Coach Practitioner Certification with Certified Coaches Federation; Sacred Money Archetypes Coach certification with Kendall SummerHawk; Intuitive Coaching Academy Certification with Candace McKim; and Financial Dignity Movement with Christine Luken.

She is a certified Reiki practitioner and holds a yoga certification with Gaiatri Yoga and an equestrian yoga certification as well.

My Story

I love my life! 

I have a secret to tell you...

My life wasn't always this happy. I contribute a change in my life to doing the deeper inner work.

I discovered the power of my thoughts and identify deep beliefs that made me believe a lie that I wasn't enough.

My life transformed as I practice yoga, mediation, healing work, journaling, and spending time with my horses and family.

It was not easy...

Doing the work to heal has been worth it!


At the age of 25, I was given a key to happiness.


That key was to live my truth.

Sounds easy enough, right?

I knew it wouldn't be.

I started an inner journey of self-discovery by healing childhood wounds, learning to love myself, and practicing living my truth.

With time and dedication to doing deep inner work, my life changed.

I felt happy and I was attracted to healthier relationships. I became whole and felt prosperous. 

I had become whole, happy in all areas of my life...Except one!

My Money Relationship!

Money is Energy

Divorce and a career in the financial industry fueled my desire to become the creator of my own financial independence.

At a speaking event to present about finance, I heard one of the panelists say “money is energy”. It was as if she spoke directly to me because as a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, and through my healing journey, I understood energy. 

I immediately delved into learning about the energy of money. The right people and books came along to inspire my growth. I began to understand I had been doing money all wrong. I also recognized my limiting beliefs around money and that I had deeper work to do. I realized at my core, I still didn’t believe I was enough.

I was intuitively led to entrepreneurship with Prosperous Woman Coaching and became a Soulful Money Coach. I am inspired to teach soul-driven leaders who know they are meant for more and like me, are ready to change their money blueprint.

When Sacred Money Archetypes came into my world, I had no idea the profound effect it would have on myself and the leaders I coach.

It was as if I was born to do this exact work.


"I had no idea that I needed to work on my relationship with money. I didn’t perceive even being in a relationship with money but I knew I needed help, I was stuck and struggling to focus on my business objectives. The course has been very enlightening. I can see and feel my money dynamics changing. I would absolutely recommend this course to all entrepreneurs and anyone looking for meaningful change in their life! "

Danette Debolt

"The title of this program can be very misleading "Sacred Money Archetypes", isn't it wrong to worship money? Week by week I discovered that our relationship with money was an external indication of an internal belief system. "

Julie Kutschker

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