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When I looked at my money blueprint, I realized it was not in alignment with the financial freedom I wanted to create.

The  theme of” Not Enough” was a repeating pattern and this belief was having a negative impact on my money relationship.

I obtained a career in the financial industry which fueled my desire to learn the skills to handle finance and I thrived learning as well as  teaching others about money.

I had a good salary, a pension, savings and no debt, yet I found myself continually striving to achieve financial goals never feeling  satisfied.

I didn’t feel valued at my work place and I wanted more free time in my life.

I was happy in all areas of my life, with the  exception of money.

When I took inventory of my money, thoughts and feelings I was surprised to discover how often I felt anxiety around money.

I did not trust it to be there for me and I judged my own level of success by my bank account balance, which was …never enough.

I felt guilty about not being an equal financial contributor in my marriage.

I continually struggled with not having enough money to do what I really want like travel with my girls and dressage training with my horse.

When I took the risk to begin a career in the insurance industry, I struggled with income highs and lows. I found myself overspending to gain approval of potential clients.

I failed to balance the risk, overspending creating debt only to feel a familiar feeling of shame.


As a yoga teacher, I understood energy and emotions in our body. I was intuitively led to Prosperous Woman Coaching, working with archetypes. Which is all about understanding our money blueprint and emotional mastery.

Archetypes play a key role in taking back our power by identifying money  patterns, and the story I had been creating from faulty beliefs. I discovered a lot of my own  money motivations were from a place of fear. I was surprised to see how disempowered I had been in my money relationship and created energy money leaks with negative emotions. The unconscious ways I manage my money often spend it in areas that were not important or because I was seeking approval. It was through this work that everything shifted to embodying abundance that existed within me. 

“Our Emotions around money teach us how free we really are”-Janet Key
“Success is not to be pursued, it is to be attracted by the person you become” - Jim Rohn

Money is Energy

Divorce and a career in the financial industry fueled my desire to become the creator of my own financial independence.

At a speaking event to present about finance, I heard one of the panelists say “money is energy”. It was as if she spoke directly to me because as a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, and through my healing journey, I understood energy. 

I immediately delved into learning about the energy of money. The right people and books came along to inspire my growth. I began to understand I had been doing money all wrong. I also recognized my limiting beliefs around money and that I had deeper work to do. I realized at my core, I still didn’t believe I was enough.

I was intuitively led to entrepreneurship with Prosperous Woman Coaching and became a Soulful Money Coach. I am inspired to teach soul-driven leaders who know they are meant for more and like me, are ready to change their money blueprint.

When Sacred Money Archetypes came into my world, I had no idea the profound effect it would have on myself and the leaders I coach.

It was as if I was born to do this exact work.


"I had no idea that I needed to work on my relationship with money. I didn’t perceive even being in a relationship with money but I knew I needed help, I was stuck and struggling to focus on my business objectives. The course has been very enlightening. I can see and feel my money dynamics changing. I would absolutely recommend this course to all entrepreneurs and anyone looking for meaningful change in their life! "

Danette Debolt

"The title of this program can be very misleading "Sacred Money Archetypes", isn't it wrong to worship money? Week by week I discovered that our relationship with money was an external indication of an internal belief system. "

Julie Kutschker

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