About Janet

Janet Key is a Soulful Money Coach, inspirational speaker, author, and certified yoga teacher. She has also spent five years working in the financial service industry. Janet facilitates educational money mindset workshops, group training, and 1:1 private coaching about mastering the physical and emotional aspects of money.

Janet’s mission is to inspire leaders to align with their inner abundance, healthy self-esteem, and power so they can step into the dream life they are worthy of living.

Janet has been nominated for the Trailblazer Award at Women of Influence Awards 2020.

Throughout her career in finance, she has achieved licensing in Mutual Funds, Financial Planning I & II, and Life Insurance.

She has also completed numerous coaching certifications, including Certified Coach Practitioner Certification with Certified Coaches Federation; Sacred Money Archetypes Coach certification with Kendall SummerHawk; Intuitive Coaching Academy Certification with Candace McKim; and Financial Dignity Movement with Christine Luken.

She holds a yoga certification with Gaiatri Yoga and an equestrian yoga certification as well.

My Story

I love my life! I am a yogi and Goddess with a heart-centered mission to light the way for leaders who desire financial freedom on their own terms. These are leaders who know they are meant for more. Leaders who want happiness, healthy relationships, and freedom, not just for themselves, but for the whole world.

My life was not always perfect:

  • I grew up in an environment of abuse
  • I was placed for adoption twice before age one
  • My father experienced severe mental illness
  • I grew up feeling like I had no worth
  • As a child, I never felt like I was enough
  • As a result, I lived most of my life unhappy and in unhealthy relationships

At the age of 25, I was given a key to happiness.

That key was to live my truth. I started an inner journey of self-discovery by healing childhood wounds, learning to love myself, and practicing living my truth. With time and dedication to doing deep inner work, my life changed. I felt happy and I was attracted to healthier relationships. I became whole and felt prosperous. 

Money is Energy

Divorce and a career in the financial industry fueled my desire for financial independence. At a speaking event to present about finance, I heard one of the panelists say “money is energy”. It was as if she spoke directly to me because as a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, and through my healing journey, I understood energy. 

I immediately delved into learning about the energy of money. The right people and books came along to inspire my growth. I began to understand I had been doing money all wrong. I also recognized my limiting beliefs around money and that I had deeper work to do. I realized at my core, I still didn’t believe I was enough.

I was intuitively led to entrepreneurship with Prosperous Woman Coaching and became a Soulful Money Coach. I am inspired to teach leaders! When Sacred Money Archetypes came into my world, I had no idea the profound effect it would have on myself and the leaders I coach. It was as if I was born to do this exact work.




Come True

Your Inner World Creates Your Outer World

I am truly honored to do this deep work, to guide leaders who have a desire to achieve success and want to build an empire where everyone thrives.

Leaders are so valuable! We need to take back our power and stop giving away our energy to the things that disempower us, such as negative money thoughts, habits, and beliefs.

I am here to let you know that you are enough! You can fulfill your destiny by achieving prosperity and leadership with grace and ease.

"What I liked the most was that the information was both practical, yet informative. I didn't feel too lost or bogged down in the nitty-gritty, yet I felt empowered by the information you shared to be able to take action. The energy of the room never felt dry. It was empowering from start to finish. It was also refreshing that it didn't seem salesy or pushy. I have been to talks like this in the past that left a bad taste in my mouth because they were overly salesy which comes off as inauthentic. Your talk seemed 100% authentic and caring. "

SammyJo Braithwaite

"I appreciated her honesty in every encounter. I would highly recommend Janet to anyone needing assistance with their financial plan or with questions on where start."

Bethany Mercanti

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