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Align your money blueprint to achieve the success you desire

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You never feel satisfied you've made enough, continually challenging yourself to achieve higher financial goals
  • You struggle with negative money emotions of regret, shame, guilt, and you would agree your fears are holding you back. If you only knew what they were.
  • Your bank account balance doesn't even begin to reflect the amount of time, energy & money you have invested in your business
  • You are being guided to run a business but struggle with having enough time, energy, or money to really thrive
  • Inside you are afraid to fully trust in the guidance you are given and you lack belief in yourself and you don't know why
  • Despite all of have a BURNING desire to build an empire where everyone succeeds
  • You know you were meant for more
  • You simply need help to get out of your own way

If any of this feels familiar... let's talk!

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Prosperous Woman Money Alignment Coaching is designed to help you...

Know Your Worth

We are always creating, from a place that’s anchored to a past of limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging patterns, feelings of not enoughness. Creating from this place robs you of your inherited self worth and prevents you from creating the success you desire.

When you know your worth and you embody the abundance that is with you, you step to the next level of creating leadership and prosperity with grace and ease.

Align With Your Purpose

What do you really want to create in life? The problem lies when we give our time, energy and money to all the things that are not connected to our life’s purpose. Instead we end up living life by default, letting what we really want in life pass away. Aligning with your purpose is a process of refining your energy, time, and money in a way that supports all of your success, enabling you to create your financial freedom on your terms.

Achieve Your Desires

Imagine what life would feel like to be whole. To live with more love, happiness, and healthy relationships. Where you own your power and you get to choose where you give it.

Imagine living your dream life, breathe it in, feel it.

Give yourself permission to let go of the murky heavy energies of the past and step forward into powerful alignment to achieve your desires.

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Janet says “doing this work is not about money, it’s about what money can teach us about ourselves.” I didn’t really get that until I started, Awaken Your Inner Financial Power. ( Now known as Money Alignment coaching) Now I understand with my heart that our relationship with money is a symbol of self-worth.

As I move through spaces of vulnerability, release, and empowerment with this work, I can identify a quietly powerful truth: Janet’s coaching is at the core of women’s personal development because it exposes and explores what we need to allow -self-value.

This work is timely, it’s needed, and it’s a gift. Thank you!                        

-Kalyn Sloan, Empathic Writer

"I’ve been shifting my business over the past year since I signed up to work with Janet in the Awaken Your Inner Financial Power. (Prosperous Woman Money Alignment Coaching) I was ready to break my financial ceiling and make more impact and money. At the time my income was good, but as I was in the process of leveling up my business and I knew my money story needed to reflect that next level.

Janet implemented exact step-by-step strategies to clear out what was holding me back, and her intuitive wisdom helped to anchor in new beliefs and confidence. Every session held nuggets for me to keep rising and shining.

I have now leveled up my business; it’s thriving and making the impact that I realized on a soul level that it could.

I highly recommend Janet and I refer all of my clients and students to her programs. I feel by working with Janet and her team, you’ll permanently shift and get where you want to go quickly!!!"

Candace McKim, Intuitive Coach

It's time to get crystal clear about what makes you the happiest, make empowered choices about the direction your life, career, or business is taking, and prioritize what matters most

Learn strategies to live your life by design and let go of feeling unhappy or dissatisfied in life.

Let go of living a life by default and instead live your abundant prosperous life!

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Why Work With Me?


~ I completely understand what it feels like to take responsibility, face deep fears of needing the approval of others, to let go and approve of myself.

~ I have felt into my own money wounds of shame, guilt, and judgments to heal and break free.

~ I am humbled and honored to experience deep healing within myself and get to share this amazing journey with others.

~ I hold you as powerful, I know you were born to manifest the glory that is within you. We simply need to clear all the misunderstandings and false beliefs that told you otherwise.

~ I have been told that this work will crack you open, I know this to be true.

My only question for you is...are you ready?