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Are you being called to serve as a prosperous woman?

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2022

There is a moment amongst women.

Can see it? Do you feel it? Is this you?

Women who want to create a life of alignment, connected to their truth.

Women who want more….


Women are being inspired to stand up, speak out, and approve of themselves.

They have gifts as healers, and positive change-makers, they want to build a world with more harmony.

A world where everyone thrives.

Women who are visionaries and creators…

I have witnessed my own process of becoming a prosperous woman.

I have witnessed others create profound shifts to become prosperous too.

Expanding in self-aware was a journey of discovery that led to healing, growth, and more love. (Joy, Adventure, creativity…all of the yummy stuff!!)

Barbara Marx Hubbard was the first woman to be nominated for VP in the United stated in the 80s.
She was a visionary and a futurist.

She speaks about our evolving to become co-creators in the world with the universe.


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Transform How You Think and Feel about Money with Sacred Money Archetypes

How much have you really thought about your relationship with money? 

Have you considered how your connection with it is woven into all aspects of life? 

Finances and relationships. Money and home life. Career and money. Self-image, enoughness, and income. The list goes on! Money -and you relate to it- is everywhere, even in archetypes.

An archetype is a universally recognized symbol (like a character, theme or setting) of a shared experience within a culture, or as Carl Jung argued, within the collective unconscious. Archetypes are tools we can use to help us identify our stories, beliefs, motivations and perspectives about how we maneuver through life. The Healer, The Teacher, The Artist, The Yogi -these are archetypes. Which one resonates with you? 

There’s also The Maverick, The Connector and The Nurturer. Have you heard of them? These archetypes are specific: they are three of the eight Sacred Money Archetypes

Sacred Money Archetypes help you in...

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Building your Empire: 3 Strategies for Success

entrepreneur investment Sep 01, 2020

Do you have an internal calling for more?

Do you want to create an impact and make a difference in the world?

Right now, there is a rising number of female entrepreneurs. Women are stepping forward to take charge, eager to make their dreams come true, support their families, and achieve financial freedom. Are you birthing a new business or nurturing fulfilling entrepreneurship, too?


As you build your empire, here are three success strategies to support your insight.


  1. Master your Mindset

Mastering your mindset is key to mastering business. Here’s how mindset works: what you think creates feelings. Then, these feelings direct the actions you take and therefore the results you achieve.

We know that to grow, we need to be challenged, so think of business as a vehicle for growth. Challenges will arrive and when they do, your mindset will determine if you move forward or give up. 

Attitude is key to mindset. At first, there’s a real excitement as you bring...

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Inspiring Love and Abundance as an Entrepreneur

abundance entrepreneur Aug 04, 2020

How much love and abundance can you allow to flow in your life?


What are things you do to sabotage yourself when you have reached your upper limit of love, wealth, physical fitness?


These are two powerful questions that allow you to go within on a deeper level. Perhaps you have reached certain levels of success and inside you know you are meant for more. Upon reflection of the question, what are things you do that sabotage your self that prevent you from achieving the growth or heights of success that you truly desire?


Let’s talk about the growing entrepreneur who is forever being challenged to grow and stretch continuously outside their comfort zones.

Growing an online business asks you to create videos, talk intelligently to an audience you don’t know all too well, it asks that you take time to tap into your creative center allowing words to flow from an internal source. Words that have meaning, emotions that may speak to another's soul. To...

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The Pursuit of Money

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, it’s not always sexy, you invest so much time, energy, and money into something you hope would grow into a success.

You're passionate and you believe you have what it takes to make your dream come true, your faith and optimism guide you in moving forward.

As a female entrepreneur, I understand as I too have experienced challenges and heartbreak. I have questioned several times during my 2 years about my decision to leave a secure career at the bank. 


Being an entrepreneur has taught me so much about myself.

As a yoga student and teacher for many years, I have learned many great skills to manage through my fears and maintain healthy mental wellness. Self-care is so important and taking time to rest is imperative. 

Prior to COVID I arrived home from a 14 day holiday ready to go to work. I had booked two weeks of client meetings and was ready to host a workshop.

When COVID hit, I retreated.

The emotions of the world were so...

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Empowering Your Relationship With Money - Bring Your Goals & Dreams to Reality

What exactly do you need to be willing to do in order to transcend your money madness, stop disempowering yourself, and bring your goals and dreams to reality?


"Being willing is a power within us that says YES to making a change despite any inner turmoil that might be happening within. The very act of being willing can be a profound step that moves us forward in the direction of our goals."


Before a person becomes conscious in their life they are known to be asleep.

Upon awakening, they are more aware of their thoughts, emotions, and whether they like the results in their life. If they don’t like what they see and they want to make a change they begin to consciously make a shift for the better.

They may practice positive thinking so they focus on feeling better. Physically they may begin exercising, changing their diet to a healthier eating plan. They may decide to let go of some negative friends that have been emotionally draining and find new positive...

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Break Bad Habits and Learn to LOVE Your Relationship With Money

finances May 04, 2020

Many people have a love-hate relationship with money. The emotion of hate is a very strong one that can create financial chaos and stress that stems from negative thinking, beliefs, and habits. The fact is that many people have not been taught how to manage money and most learn through trial and error. The struggle with finances can be very real and many people desire a more positive relationship with money.

The first step towards making change is recognizing that you have a money problem.

Much like an alcoholic who wants to live a life of sobriety they must first recognize that a problem with alcohol exists and want to seek help.

Just like there are different levels of alcoholism there can also be different levels of financial problems.


For some, the problem may be a lack of savings, too much credit card debt, or poor money management skills. For others, it may look like bankruptcy or a gambling problem.

Money can consume the thoughts of others, it can be an obsession, the...

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Do you desire success, happiness, or love?

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2020

If I were to ask you what do you want more of in life that you don’t currently have right now, what would you say?

  • Money
  • Love
  • Security
  • Sense of self-worth
  • Honesty
  • Truth 


What if I told you can have any of these things whenever you want? But first, you may have to dig a little deeper within your self to find these qualities.


Let me ask you, have you tried to achieve these things in the past and failed to achieve them? When you didn’t achieve them did you give up?

Which of these qualities are you still seeking to find in your life?

Success is an internal job in any of these areas. I know from firsthand experience.

Throughout my life, I have searched for love, self-worth, ideal love partner, money, success.

You know what, I have found them.

I want you to know it took a lot of work, perseverance, and running towards fear.

We hear all the time that life is a journey. And it really is, just as I break through and achieve success in one area, I end up going...

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Are you living within your means?

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2020

We hear on the news that Alberta has a spending problem. I’d like to open the door to talk about this on a personal level -- Having money conversations can be tough. Shame and embarrassment can be a limiting factor in us opening the door to have a look at where you are at financially. Bringing awareness to where you are is the first step towards making a change. No different than an alcoholic realizing they have a drinking problem. It isn’t until you recognize and are willing to admit you have a spending problem that you can then begin the steps to change.

The majority of people do not like to budget. It can be frustrating and difficult for many to track their income and their spending. However, taking action on a regular monthly basis will keep it real: it will force you to look at what it is you need to change and where you need to focus your attention.

Is it time for you to begin a “spending detox?”

Leave your credit cards at home.

Commit to living within...

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A Virus that has Changed the World, also Changed Me.

personal Apr 25, 2020

Written on March 29, 2020.

This week has brought to me many different experiences of emotions as the virus turns our whole world upside down both externally and internally for many. Many people in life have not been without some sort of trauma that in the end turned out to have taught them a lesson that inspired profound and positive change.
While I hope this to be the outcome many will experience, many may also be experiencing a dark night of the soul moment at this very time.
Last week, each day brought a different experience for me. I share this with you, my reader, to know the importance of being fully awake. To not run from what you are experiencing but to embrace it, let it move through you and perhaps transform you.

Monday brought a deep need to run away. Deep into the woods far removed from civilization. An overwhelming feeling of uncertainty and disbelief.

Tuesday, I was planning to move forward with developing my online business. It began to feel hard as resistance...

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