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Are you being called to serve as a prosperous woman?

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2022

There is a moment amongst women.

Can see it? Do you feel it? Is this you?

Women who want to create a life of alignment, connected to their truth.

Women who want more….


Women are being inspired to stand up, speak out, and approve of themselves.

They have gifts as healers, and positive change-makers, they want to build a world with more harmony.

A world where everyone thrives.

Women who are visionaries and creators…

I have witnessed my own process of becoming a prosperous woman.

I have witnessed others create profound shifts to become prosperous too.

Expanding in self-aware was a journey of discovery that led to healing, growth, and more love. (Joy, Adventure, creativity…all of the yummy stuff!!)

Barbara Marx Hubbard was the first woman to be nominated for VP in the United stated in the 80s.
She was a visionary and a futurist.

She speaks about our evolving to become co-creators in the world with the universe.

She speaks about women giving birth to ideas, creations, and companies instead of giving birth to babies.

Watch her YouTube video. Barbara Marx Hubbard on Being an Evolutionary Woman

As a prosperous woman, you are too an evolutionary woman.
What blocks or hinders this growth?

Fears (we know this list is long)
Shame, guilt, blame
Inherited beliefs that no longer serve us today
Not knowing who you are
Not thinking for yourself, or approving of yourself
An Unconsciousness about the power, sacred energy that wants to create through you.

Are you asking the question “who am I?”

What is my purpose?

How can I get clarity in my life or career?

Prosperous Women, you are here to break the chains, to be free from whatever wants to hold you back.

PS. I love to hear your thoughts after you have listened to Barbara!


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