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Empowering Your Relationship With Money - Bring Your Goals & Dreams to Reality

What exactly do you need to be willing to do in order to transcend your money madness, stop disempowering yourself, and bring your goals and dreams to reality?


"Being willing is a power within us that says YES to making a change despite any inner turmoil that might be happening within. The very act of being willing can be a profound step that moves us forward in the direction of our goals."


Before a person becomes conscious in their life they are known to be asleep.

Upon awakening, they are more aware of their thoughts, emotions, and whether they like the results in their life. If they don’t like what they see and they want to make a change they begin to consciously make a shift for the better.

They may practice positive thinking so they focus on feeling better. Physically they may begin exercising, changing their diet to a healthier eating plan. They may decide to let go of some negative friends that have been emotionally draining and find new positive supportive relationships. 


As they begin to take action they immediately feel empowered, life begins to look and feel better. Along the way, they may be challenged by their monkey mind who questions, doubts, and judges the new choices. This is the point where a person has reached the edge of their comfort zone and wants to turn back to old ways.

However, if the person is willing and they want it badly enough then they will do what it takes to change their life for the better. Taking a deep breath and moving forward to break free of their limitations will move them towards the goal of financial freedom.

How many times a day do you think about money?

Are your thoughts disempowering you or do you feel empowered in the realm of money?


I think you would agree that the majority of people have negative, dark, emotional thoughts about money. Emotions of shame, blame, guilt, and judgment are common themes that I see impacting the lives of many and this prevents them from having a healthy relationship with money.


People have a tendency to judge themselves by the size of their net worth and their bank accounts. The never-ending pursuit of money leaves them feeling not good enough. The internal pain and negative money monkey chatter has them wanting to bury their heads in the sand and avoid looking at the painful emotional reality.


Avoidance is not the answer.


Act courageously and face the problem that is at hand, once a person begins to take action and move in a positive direction they will immediately begin to feel better.

When a person becomes conscious they often analyze themselves, their behaviors, and ask what needs to change. They look at themselves with kinder compassionate eyes. What they may have once judged they apply forgiveness which also transforms how they feel about themselves and others.

The very act of practicing self-love shifts them towards a feeling of confidence, pride and they begin to look better on the outside. People comment on the noticeable change.


Becoming money-conscious requires the same efforts and if you apply them to your life then your results will change. Avoidance will not make the issue go away and feels much like a weight that is holding you back from financial freedom you may be seeking.


Financial freedom is a desire for many people and if this is a desire for you I would encourage you to look at your relationship with money. What do you need to let go of to move forward to creating a better financial relationship?

If you have been unconscious and asleep with money, wake up. 

Look with kind eyes to see what habits you need to transform. 


Get clear about your goals and desires and ask yourself if you really want that dream to come true. Do you even believe you can get there?


Throughout my process of transforming my relationship with money, I had to do some deeper work to find that my internal belief needed to turn up. Digging into my money story allowed me to see I was operating from a place of “I’m not good enough” and it was never enough. It took some work to change it on a subconscious level. However, the rewards of doing the work were worth taking the journey.


Successful people are willing to do the work.


Admitting to yourself the wrong actions you have committed in your money relationship department can set you free to begin making it right. Allowing yourself to let go and forgive the mistakes of the past and learn from them by taking different actions.


What is important to you? What do you value?


Begin changing negative money behaviors and practice positive money actions that are aligned with your goals and values.


You will feel empowered and free as you move towards financial freedom. Your bank account improves, you have a savings place that you feel good about and that big goal of taking a trip or buying your dream house is on it’s way to you.


Doing the work to change your relationship with money can be so profound and worth it. Money itself plays a huge role in our lives so why not have it be a good thing?

To get an idea of what your values are look at someone who may have helped you financially -- what qualities do you admire about them?


Look at the qualities of successful people, what is it that attracts you to them? Understanding your values such as loyalty, generosity, honesty, knowledge, and investing are keys to show you where you should be aligning your money.


For example, if you admire a person who is honest in earning a living and you feel bad because you're not claiming rental income on your taxes you will feel incongruent in your money management. Aligning your money management to your values and what is important to you will help you feel empowered and good with your money.


To have a good relationship with money, positive honest attention is imperative. Where are you not being completely honest in your money relationship?

Are you willing to transcend your money madness?

Are you ready to empower your relationship with money?


Changing your money relationship will require a new awareness, honesty, and positive attention combined with positive action.  Progression, not perfection is a great attitude to adopt as you move towards a healthier, happier financial relationship.


If you want financial freedom ask yourself what do you need to let go of and what do you need to do differently?


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