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What's a girl gotta do to get rich in this town?

finances savings Apr 20, 2020

Are you living in a house and dreaming of living in a castle?

By 2026 it is said that women will control half the accumulated wealth in Canada.

Would you like to be a part of this group of women?

Let me ask you: Do you currently have a written financial plan that will help you to get there?

If you don't, keep reading. Today I am going to share 3 ideas with you to help you get there!

1. Discipline
2. Planning
3. Savings


1. Disciplining Yourself

It's important to become more money-conscious. Begin paying attention to how and what we give our money and energy too.

Currently, what you are spending your money on? Does it support you or does it end up leaving you feeling drained and emotionally depressed?

We have a huge debt problem in this country and that is a pretty big wound.

How do you begin to heal this wound? Stop doing the thing that created the wound in the first place.

Ask yourself do you want to be a part of the problem or part of the solution.

Are you happy and content living in your current house….or do you want to live in a castle?

We all know if we want to lose weight, we have to change our current health plan. We have to eat healthier and get our butts to the gym.

It’s easy at first right? Our motivation is high, we got our discipline on and we are doing it.

Then, what happens?? We start to get a little lazy in our minds and in our activities and we start to slack off.

Your old habits and beliefs will creep in to sabotage you. We have all been there!

What’s a girl to do; Give up or do we keep going?

It's in that moment when you want to quit but you keep taking one step in front of the other and you start to see your results. You start to feel healthier, stronger, more capable. That feeling is awesome.

Discipline can be hard but it can also be your friend - helping you get to where you want to go.


2. Having A Plan

Have a dream, visualize, set some goals.

When working with women, I ask, what are your goals?

What do you think their responses are?

They often say: I don’t have any, I just want security. I want to get out of debt or I need to find a man to take care of me.

Hell no ladies! You need to empower yourselves to create a better plan.


How do you do that?

1. Allow yourself to start dreaming...

2. Get real with where you are and ask yourself where do you want to be?

3. Make a plan to get there.

Ask yourselves what is important to you?

Become better money managers.

You own your power, build a better plan not only for yourselves but for the young women that will follow behind you.

You will get real, go to work and make it happen!

You will not do it alone; you will ask for help and support along the way.

Become money conscious. Never stop learning how to get rid of what limits you from getting what you desire.


3. How do the wealthy get wealthier?

Do you think they are in the habit of wasting their money or do they save it!?

They invest it, they grow it, give it away, they create more of it by tapping into new ideas to expand it and get more of it. They likely have fewer limiting beliefs when it comes to money.

Money is a tool and they use it as a tool.

Where do they invest their money?

Registered plans like RRSP, TFSA when they max that out, they invest in real estate, mutual funds. They use insurance products, tax, shelter, vehicles and they use it to help create their wealth.

They also use insurance to leave a legacy to their loved ones to pass along generational wealth.

They pass their wealth on to their loved ones. When good people make good money they do good things. Wouldn’t you want that for your family?

Often people come to me thinking insurance is too expensive. Did you know that 1 million of term insurance for a healthy girl is in her 30’s can cost less than $40 dollars a month?

A whole life permanent product has living benefits that will provide cash value that you can use for your future goals.

Travel, help your child with a down payment on their first home, it can be there as an emergency arrives. Invest, create your legacy or whatever you want.

A critical illness will provide you income while you are alive and need it in the event of an illness. Income to pay bills, rent, support if you need it, perhaps you would like the option of better care than what our health care can provide for you.

Critical illness also has options that will give you back your money if you never get a critical illness.


You don’t know what you don’t know!

I encourage to explore the tools that are available to you if you might need it.

How does a girl get rich in this town?

How do you go about building your own castle?

1. Get Disciplined

2. Develop a plan

3. Do what the wealthy do! Save

I am an Insurance advisor. My goals are to empower you to embrace your financial power, to help you create your own plan. A plan that inspires you to set goals and dream a little bigger.

My job allows me to provide you with tools and solutions to build your wealth plan. To build your castle.

It would be my privilege to start a conversation to explore if working together is a good fit for both of us.

Thoughts lead to emotions, which leads us to actions, which creates income that creates wealth.


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