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Inspiring Love and Abundance as an Entrepreneur

abundance entrepreneur Aug 04, 2020

How much love and abundance can you allow to flow in your life?


What are things you do to sabotage yourself when you have reached your upper limit of love, wealth, physical fitness?


These are two powerful questions that allow you to go within on a deeper level. Perhaps you have reached certain levels of success and inside you know you are meant for more. Upon reflection of the question, what are things you do that sabotage your self that prevent you from achieving the growth or heights of success that you truly desire?


Let’s talk about the growing entrepreneur who is forever being challenged to grow and stretch continuously outside their comfort zones.

Growing an online business asks you to create videos, talk intelligently to an audience you don’t know all too well, it asks that you take time to tap into your creative center allowing words to flow from an internal source. Words that have meaning, emotions that may speak to another's soul. To intrigue them enough to explore your free offers, purchase mid-range, or sign on as your clients. The responsibilities can feel huge. 


Many entrepreneurs stepped into an arena of the unknown. The place where many fears would reveal themselves over the course of time. Many turn back, throwing in the towel way too soon as they reach their upper limits too quickly, thinking “it’s just too hard” and they sink back into their comfort zone.


Have you felt this way before?


The warrior entrepreneur is one who continues the bumpy journey towards success, taking in the tools and lessons that expand themselves, so they may grow internally as well as externally and receive the riches they desire.


No one really understands the personal discovery and journey they will fully experience along the way as they keep persevering forward through the internal walls that were designed to keep them in.


When your inward state is a feeling of abundance and great love, have you ever noticed where your thoughts go? Do they ever take you towards a place of negative thinking or non- loving images?


How long can you stay within this emotional state of bliss before an inward or outward experience robs you of your bliss?


Perhaps you have been building your business and you're constantly bombarded with other opportunities or courses that detract you from fully focusing on the growth of your business. 

When it comes to the activities in your business, how many of them do you keep doing, even though it creates struggle and resistance within, you realize it may be best to delegate to another yet you can let go.


Perhaps you finally reach a place of getting super clear and you know where you are going only to receive a job offer that you feel you must consider.


You feel so excited about signing on a new client and you celebrate with one too many glasses of wine, only to feel sick and depressed the next day.


You feel excited about the possibilities of growing a successful business yet an inner voice appears to say who do you think you are? And you begin to shrink as that voice continues to belittle you.


I am sure there is a flood of examples that are flowing through your mind right now of all the times you have sabotaged yourself and how you prevent yourself from fully experiencing the love, abundance, and wealth in your life.


Taking the time to reflect is imperative as these moments will appear and ask “are you willing to break free of your upper limits or will you shrink?”


Becoming a conscious entrepreneur who asks these questions invites in the tools and solutions so that you may find your way towards the success you desire.


Dreams do come true, as they have for many who shared their journey. Allow them to light the path to inspire you and bring you towards success in love, relationships, health, wealth.


Whatever it is you are seeking, remember it is seeking you.

Yes, it is possible. You just have to believe it is possible for you.


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