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The Pursuit of Money

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, it’s not always sexy, you invest so much time, energy, and money into something you hope would grow into a success.

You're passionate and you believe you have what it takes to make your dream come true, your faith and optimism guide you in moving forward.

As a female entrepreneur, I understand as I too have experienced challenges and heartbreak. I have questioned several times during my 2 years about my decision to leave a secure career at the bank. 


Being an entrepreneur has taught me so much about myself.

As a yoga student and teacher for many years, I have learned many great skills to manage through my fears and maintain healthy mental wellness. Self-care is so important and taking time to rest is imperative. 

Prior to COVID I arrived home from a 14 day holiday ready to go to work. I had booked two weeks of client meetings and was ready to host a workshop.

When COVID hit, I retreated.

The emotions of the world were so strong that I needed to go within, pray, and journal. I questioned why I was striving for so long. My pursuit of money drove me to work 16 hour days and forced me to face and deal with my emotions around money.


I talk about emotions around money often. It's the dark emotions of shame, blame, guilt, and judgment that can send us into a place of utter despair and darkness.

How can we minimize these emotions?

These emotions often disempower us and it would benefit us to use that pain to fuel us in creating a positive change and empower ourselves to do money better.

What being an entrepreneur taught me was about my inner resilience, to believe more in myself, who I am, my character, and to operate from my highest potential. My value and my worth is so much greater than money.


It’s what we do with the money that matters, spending it in ways that value us and when we mistreat how we use money, we take it personally because it’s a reflection of who we are and how we manage our lives around money. Beating ourselves up is not the solution. Financial chaos can be a result of poor choices and habits that we have the power to change.

Applying forgiveness and compassion is necessary at these times. Financial stress and chaos for many may be a result of external circumstances that we have no power over.

What we do have control over is the ability to go within, take care of your mental health, reach out, talk about it, conversations with others can provide solutions.

Do what it takes to regulate your emotions in healthy ways rather than keeping it inside creating more stress and inner turmoil.


Be well, be good to you. Love yourself and apply gratitude to yourself and the value of who you are. While you know that many people have been through challenges and survived, acknowledge that life can be hard and we are resilient.

Nothing has meaning -- only the meaning you give it, and our perceptions can be changed if your current thoughts are not supporting you. Life has a way of changing our trajectory and will lead us on a different path.


Being able to quickly pivot and move in the direction of where you're supposed to be is challenging. It can feel like a loss and devastation however it can also teach you more about who you are.


I can allow myself to look at my career moves and judge my choices however it has taught me so much about who I am and has been a far more valuable lesson.


I have to remind myself to not be hard on myself and value the experience of learning more about who I am. How can I put a price tag on that? Again, I am far more valuable than what I am earning or creating in my net worth.


Do you feel this way, too? Don’t put a price tag on yourself. YOU are priceless!


If you feel you could use support in reaching your preferred financial destination and want to learn tools to help you move forwards, I have a couple of ways that will help!

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Have a prosperous day!


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