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Transform How You Think and Feel about Money with Sacred Money Archetypes

How much have you really thought about your relationship with money? 

Have you considered how your connection with it is woven into all aspects of life? 

Finances and relationships. Money and home life. Career and money. Self-image, enoughness, and income. The list goes on! Money -and you relate to it- is everywhere, even in archetypes.

An archetype is a universally recognized symbol (like a character, theme or setting) of a shared experience within a culture, or as Carl Jung argued, within the collective unconscious. Archetypes are tools we can use to help us identify our stories, beliefs, motivations and perspectives about how we maneuver through life. The Healer, The Teacher, The Artist, The Yogi -these are archetypes. Which one resonates with you? 

There’s also The Maverick, The Connector and The Nurturer. Have you heard of them? These archetypes are specific: they are three of the eight Sacred Money Archetypes

Sacred Money Archetypes help you in similar ways to archetypes, but stand out in an important way: they represent a pattern of power within you that unveil the stories, fears, courage, thoughts and feelings you have about money

When you discover your Sacred Money Archetypes, you become aware of the unconscious behaviors, behaviour patterns, thoughts and emotions you have about money, poverty, worthiness, wealth, prosperity, and much more. 


To get an idea of how your archetypes can help your relationship with finances, I’ll use boundaries about money as an example. 

But first, what are boundaries?

Boundaries define how you experience life. They are personal markers of what you are willing to do or not do, or behaviour you’re willing to accept or not accept in your life. You can have healthy or unhealthy boundaries that can be thought of as soft, rigid, spongy or flexible. Your boundaries can shift when you become aware of them. The health of your boundaries contributes to your level of happiness (or unhappiness). 

  •  If you have soft boundaries, you’re likely to merge your boundaries with others’, or, you may not have any personal boundaries at all. People with soft boundaries are easily impacted by peer pressure and are more easily manipulated.


  • Rigid boundaries can leave a person closed or walled-off. This can make it difficult to get close to them, physically and emotionally. It’s likely people have rigid boundaries for a reason: they’ve put up these external walls due to harmful or hurtful experiences. While it’s true that having rigid boundaries can be healthy because they keep hurt out, it’s also possible they block new experiences (like love or prosperity) from coming in.


  • A person with spongy boundaries can have a combination of soft and rigid boundaries. They can feel unsure what to let in and what to keep out. They don’t trust themselves and tend to be wishy-washy.


  • Flexible boundaries are similar to rigid ones, but this person has more personal awareness and can more fluidly decide what to let in and what to keep out. They can resist emotional pressures and manipulation. Flexible boundaries are the healthiest boundaries.

Now, I’ll explain money boundaries using the three Sacred Money Archetypes mentioned earlier: The Maverick, The Connector and The Nurturer.

Think of money boundaries as the personal boundaries you have around money and your relationship with money.

  • For The Maverick archetype, risk is essential in business, so it’s important to create a clear plan with strategies that support their ideas. A Maverick with soft boundaries may find it hard to say ‘no’ to too many shiny objects (like get-rich opportunities). They struggle with staying focused on their current business plan and can get burnt out by chasing endless ideas. On the other hand, a Maverick with flexible money boundaries knows they tend to have this behaviour, so they purposely pace themselves by not taking on too many new courses, services, or clients at a time. They feel what they know is enough and know when to use their risk-taking energy to support their goals. 


  • The Connector archetype believes more in building heart-to-heart connections and long-term relationships with clients than in making money itself. They naturally struggle with having money conversations and feel happier when someone else is managing money for them. When they have soft boundaries on top of this, Connectors can easily allow others to disempower them or make them feel inadequate about money. Soft boundaries can show up as a tendency to not believe in their self-worth, so they can disrespect their own financial needs by not prioritizing them or ignoring them completely.  


  • The Nurturer Archetype is caring, compassionate and financially responsible. This archetype feels they need to over give for every penny they bring in, and as a result, can create debt or sacrifice themselves financially. If a Nurturer has spongy boundaries, they will attract people who need their help (financially or otherwise) but find it difficult to set and maintain firm boundaries, especially with people they care about. Spongy boundaries can happen when they feel fulfilled because they get to nurture, but also feel resentful and taken advantage of financially because what they give is not reciprocated.


Knowing your Sacred Money Archetypes can unveil your boundaries around money and so much more. Imagine having underlying beliefs around worthiness revealed to you, or understanding how your childhood fears of poverty show up in your business or career.

Beyond money, working with Sacred Money Archetypes also teaches you about the power you already have within you. By becoming more consciously aware of the challenges that prevent you from embodying your best self, these archetypes become tools to tap into your strengths, gifts, and talents. They can guide you to live a life you love, and step forward as a leader in your business or career.

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How will knowing your Sacred Money Archetypes transform how you think and feel about money, prosperous woman?


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