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Transform How You Think and Feel about Money with Sacred Money Archetypes

How much have you really thought about your relationship with money? 

Have you considered how your connection with it is woven into all aspects of life? 

Finances and relationships. Money and home life. Career and money. Self-image, enoughness, and income. The list goes on! Money -and you relate to it- is everywhere, even in archetypes.

An archetype is a universally recognized symbol (like a character, theme or setting) of a shared experience within a culture, or as Carl Jung argued, within the collective unconscious. Archetypes are tools we can use to help us identify our stories, beliefs, motivations and perspectives about how we maneuver through life. The Healer, The Teacher, The Artist, The Yogi -these are archetypes. Which one resonates with you? 

There’s also The Maverick, The Connector and The Nurturer. Have you heard of them? These archetypes are specific: they are three of the eight Sacred Money Archetypes

Sacred Money Archetypes help you in...

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The Pursuit of Money

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, it’s not always sexy, you invest so much time, energy, and money into something you hope would grow into a success.

You're passionate and you believe you have what it takes to make your dream come true, your faith and optimism guide you in moving forward.

As a female entrepreneur, I understand as I too have experienced challenges and heartbreak. I have questioned several times during my 2 years about my decision to leave a secure career at the bank. 


Being an entrepreneur has taught me so much about myself.

As a yoga student and teacher for many years, I have learned many great skills to manage through my fears and maintain healthy mental wellness. Self-care is so important and taking time to rest is imperative. 

Prior to COVID I arrived home from a 14 day holiday ready to go to work. I had booked two weeks of client meetings and was ready to host a workshop.

When COVID hit, I retreated.

The emotions of the world were so...

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