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A Virus that has Changed the World, also Changed Me.

personal Apr 26, 2020

Written on March 29, 2020.

This week has brought to me many different experiences of emotions as the virus turns our whole world upside down both externally and internally for many. Many people in life have not been without some sort of trauma that in the end turned out to have taught them a lesson that inspired profound and positive change.
While I hope this to be the outcome many will experience, many may also be experiencing a dark night of the soul moment at this very time.
Last week, each day brought a different experience for me. I share this with you, my reader, to know the importance of being fully awake. To not run from what you are experiencing but to embrace it, let it move through you and perhaps transform you.

Monday brought a deep need to run away. Deep into the woods far removed from civilization. An overwhelming feeling of uncertainty and disbelief.

Tuesday, I was planning to move forward with developing my online business. It began to feel hard as resistance...

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