Prosperous Money Mastery Leadership Workshop

A 12 week program for leaders who are ready to do the deeper work, expand their inner energy, increase their income, and take their life and business to the next level!

Are you a leader who serves as a sales professional, coach, financial advisor, spiritually-minded entrepreneur, and you're ready to create greater impact and more income?


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Do you know deep inside you're meant for more?

Have a burning desire to create wealth and financial freedom?


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Do you want to build and grow a business that is aligned with your highest self, one that allows you to show up authentically and unapologetically?


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If you want to expand in love, abundance, and success, knowing you will thrive as you inspire others to do the same,


This program is for You!

I’m Janet Key.

I want to show you how to align with your gifts and talents, and inspire a healthy happy relationship with money to empower your wealth.

As a Prosperous Woman Soulful Money Coach, I specialize in working with leaders who desire financial freedom and who have a burning desire for more...more love, more happiness, more passion, and more money.

Does this sound like you? 

That's Me!

Prosperous Money Mastery 

Results For You!

Know Your Worth

Let go of shame and blame to show up confidently and attract your dream clients.

Let go of undercharging and overworking to create a sustainable income doing what you love.

Break free from what holds you back to realize your true worth.

Align With Your Purpose

Align with your soul’s highest qualities so you can do the work that lights you up inside.

Become crystal clear on your purpose so you can move forward into abundance.

Step into your highest empowered self so you can become who you were always meant to be.

Plan For Success

Create a plan that energizes you, that excites you to get out of bed in the morning.

Be confident with your next steps so you can create an impact and inspire change!

Elevate your money mindset and move forward without restrictions so you can achieve the abundance you desire.

I want this!

Janet says “doing this work is not about money, it’s about what money can teach us about ourselves.” I didn’t really get that until I started Prosperous Money Mastery Training. Now I understand with my heart that our relationship with money is a symbol of self-worth.

As I move through spaces of vulnerability, release, and empowerment with this work, I can identify a quietly powerful truth: Janet’s coaching is at the core of women’s personal development because it exposes and explores what we need to allow -self-value.

This work is timely, it’s needed, and it’s a gift. Thank you!                        

-Kalyn Sloan, Empathic Writer

What's Included:

  • 12 Modules with companion worksheets
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to private messaging over Voxer
  • Game-Changing Money Mindset strategies
  • Chakra/ Energy Clearing meditations
  • Strategies to identify money leaks, common everyday blindspots
  • Change Your Money Blueprint
  • Align to Your Inner Genius

Week 1: Cracking Your Money Code: Take this fun money assessment to transform how you think and feel about money, yourself, and your relationships. You’ll learn how you do money is how you do everything.

Sacred Money Archetypes. Understand the language of your archetype, including your gifts, talents, motivations, and fears, so you align your values with your purpose and discover when you are operating from shadow parts of self. Create financial freedom.

Sacred Money Archetype Insights Breakthrough Tool. Identify the gaps in your life and business so that you can shift towards your goals. Learn what has been holding you back and prioritize areas where you can take action now. Get clear on what you want.

Week 2: Create Your Conscious Money Compass. Identify what is truly important in your life and relationship with money. Learn to connect to money in powerful ways, honour your values, empower you and energize you to take authentic and aligned action.

I Am Money Visualization Tool. Guide you to understand your true relationship with money, expand in consciousness and awareness with this powerful visualization.

Week 3: Empowering Your Voice. Consciously talking about money, stopping money leaks, and creating healthy money boundaries are important keys to financial success. Learn how to have courage and confidence when you discuss money. Stop energetic money leaks that are costing you self-worth and income.

Week 4: No Excuses Empowerment Tool. Identify your boundaries so you can stop discounting your worth, own your value in your fees or salary, and own your worth in your relationships.

Week 5: Money Boundary Breakthroughs. Reveal where you have energetic money leaks and how to pinpoint everyday money blind spots in your career or business.

Week 6: Shift Your Money Story Perspective. Let’s press reset and create a powerful new money story makeover. This session is about changing how you feel on the inside and out. You will shift how you see your world so the opportunities and experiences you create are congruent and in alignment with what you want most.

Week 7: Your New Money Story. Let go of your old money story and immediately shift into a new positive one that empowers you daily in life and business.

Week 8: The 3-Minute Daily Money Tool. Break free from self-imposed limits that are creating a money glass ceiling.

Creating Money Glass Ceiling Breakthroughs. Identify dangerous money mindsets, and in so doing, discover how to shatter your money glass ceiling.

Week 9: Leading Your Life Forward in Powerful Alignment. Get clear about what will make you the happiest, prioritize what matters most, and new choices in the direction of your goals.

Week 10: Create A Brighter Future Visualization. Get out of your head and connect to what is important in a way that doesn’t feel threatening or challenging.

Week 11: Design Your Prosperity Plan. 

You ask the universe for more money, managing and handling your money is an important part of expanding your wealth.

Designing your Prosperity Plan so you have a clear focus and learn the difference between a Prosperity plan and budget so it feels manageable. The Reality Check so that you know where you currently are, and ways to increase and manage your money.

Week 12: Mastering Spending. Mindful Vs Mindless Spending so you can be conscious in your money relationship. Identify who is stealing your money so you can stop money thefts: Are you eating your paycheck and wasting money in ways that do not support your goals?

Learn to manage variable income so you are better prepared. Troubleshooting your spending plan and participate in a Spending detox to declutter habits and patterns that do not support your healthy money relationship.

"I’ve been shifting my business over the past year since I signed up to work with Janet in the Prosperous Money Mastery program. I was ready to break my financial ceiling and make more impact and money. At the time my income was good, but as I was in the process of levelling up my business and I knew my money story needed to reflect that next level.

Janet implemented exact step-by-step strategies to clear out what was holding me back, and her intuitive wisdom helped to anchor in new beliefs and confidence. Every session held nuggets for me to keep rising and shining.

I have now levelled-up my business; it’s thriving and making the impact that I realized on a soul level that it could.

I highly recommend Janet and I refer all of my clients and students to her programs. I feel by working with Janet and her team, you’ll permanently shift and get where you want to go quickly!!!"

Candace McKim, Intuitive Coach

Why Work With Me?

~I am 100% committed to your success!

~I show up authentically and honestly. As a result, I may at times trigger you.

~I have done this work and changed my life with it. I am here to light the way for you to achieve more love, more abundance, and more wealth.

~I know you will grow and move towards your dreams if you are willing to do the work.

~I believe in you and will hold you as the powerful creator you are!

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