Prosperous Woman Money Mastermind Intensive


Expand Your Wealth Consciousness


More Abundance, Happiness, Healthier Relationships and Financial Freedom


Are you willing to … 

Dive deeper

Face your unconscious fears

Embrace more of the unknown

Do the work to align your inner money compass

Break through your glass money ceilings

Create your brighter future

I am here to share my wisdom about how I aligned myself to more prosperity in life!

I was born enough, however life’s experiences taught me otherwise. It was doing the deeper inward work that created positive empowered change.

If you desire success in all areas of life and you are an…

  • Empire builder
  • Intuitive, spiritually driven entrepreneur
  • Financial freedom seeker
  • Work in financial industry
  • Rebel with a cause
  • Professional who's ready to take your business & income to next level

This Prosperous Woman Money Mastermind Intensive is designed for YOU!


Change how you think and feel about yourself, your relationships and money to empower more Alignment in life, career and business.

  • Understand your unique money blueprint
  • Discover the power taught from understanding your money archetypes
  • Identify your unconscious money fears, block and wounds
  • Re-align your energy, your focus
  • Learn step by step process to create more alignment & yes, abundance
  • Align your inner conscious money compass
  • Create clear money boundaries
  • Stop energy leaks
  • Live life connected to your purpose
  • Create your brighter future

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Christie Wengranowski

I had not had a good relationship with money and wanted to change so I could breakthrough to new levels in my business. Janet had me discover my sacred money architype which opened the doorway to change. Our sessions were incredibly powerful but the second to last one was so impactful it brought me to tears. I had one of the biggest breakthroughs I have ever experienced and it was such a relief. I loved working with Janet so much I immediately signed up for another round of coaching to dive deeper into chakra healing.


Tanet's Awaken Your Inner Financial Goddess Coaching is at the core of women's personal and professional development because it exposes and explores what we need to allow: self-value. This work is timely, it's needed, and it's a gift. Thank you, Janet.

Danette Debott

I had no idea that I needed to work on my relationship with money. I didn't perceive even being in a relationship with money but I knew I needed help, I was stuck and struggling to focus on my business objectives. The course has been very enlightening. I can see and feel my money dynamics changing.

I would absolutely recommend this course to all entrepreneurs and anyone looking for meaningful change in their life!


I want to share with you powerful step by step strategies that will empower transformation in your life, relationships and a method to create financial freedom on your terms.

  • Chakra clearing & empowering meditations to re-align the subconscious patterns
  • 2 private 1:1 session
  • 11 weeks, 90 min sessions in a safe container where courageous women can go deeper
  • Extra 30 min allowed for Q & A (I have learned from the best, and have plenty of tools to share, ask me anything)
  • Additional bonus Mastermind session with special quests
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What is stopping you from creating financial freedom now?


Our thoughts, words, and beliefs today create our tomorrow.

To change your fruits you must first change your roots.

To change the visible, you must change the invisible.

T Harv Ekar

Secrets of Millionaire Mind

One that opens you to new, exciting opportunities and possibilities!

About Janet

Grew up with deep rooted beliefs of not enough

Placed for adoption 2x before age of 1

Father had severe mental illness, never supported family mentally, emotionally or financially

Grew up on welfare

Inherited beliefs that men make all the money

My whole world changed by doing deeper inner work to heal wounds from past experiences, when I realigned my thinking, beliefs, and actions with the success I desired to achieve.

What I have accomplished:

  • Reiki master
  • Registered yoga teacher
  • Corporate banking career
  • Financial advisor certification
  • Held licence in mutual funds
  • Life coach licensed


  • Financial Dignity Coaching certification with Christine Luken, Financial Lifeguard
  • Intuitive Coaching Academy - Candace Mckim
  • CCF Coach practitioner certification
  • Sacred Money Archetypes certification


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