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Align Your Conscious Money Compass Workshop
Breakthrough to Financial Freedom Workshop

Align Your Conscious Money Compass Workshop

Do you find yourself walking around in life feeling negative, disconnected, and disempowered in your money relationship?

You are not alone. We all have a money blueprint!

Right now, you might be feeling it is not in alignment with the financial freedom that you want to achieve.

Do you often feel...

Love/hate relationship with money

Judgemental or compare yourself to others

Not enough time or money

Guilty about investing in yourself

Struggle with money conversations 

Hard to set clear boundaries

Are you ready for this to change?


If your soul is shouting YES, it’s time to Re-align Your Conscious Money Compass.

Start achieving and experiencing the life you really want.

Connect to money in ways that are positive

Honour your values

Helps you feel empowered

Energize you into authentic, aligned action

Transform how you feel about money

Get clear about what you really value

Discover specific actions that make it easy for you to make life-changing decisions.

Let’s Re-Align My Conscious Money Compass

Live life with meaning, purpose, and value from the inside out.

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Breakthrough to Financial Freedom Workshop

In this workshop...


You will discover specifically what is holding you back from achieving the success you want in life or business.

You will get clear about what you would like instead.

You will identify your unique money blueprint.

You will learn your gifts and strengths so that in the times when you are feeling fear or scarcity you will know what to lean into to move you through so that you can achieve greater levels of success.

If you are a woman who desires financial freedom, you are an entrepreneur. How you use your energy matters.

This is a great time to work on your money relationship!!

Leaders know...


Every level of success will bring you new challenges and if you desire greater wealth then you will want to work on your money mindset, beliefs and actions so that your internal compass is in alignment with the success you desire each step of the way.

You know your gifts have an impact, your work matters…yet you struggle with negative feelings around money, you find yourself over giving or overworking, maybe you feel like there is never enough, money conversations are challenging for you, you struggle setting clear healthy boundaries and you feel undervalued…

This workshop is for you.

There are things that are holding you back. You can’t quite put your finger on it!


This workshop is for you if you are ready to let go…

Striving to achieve higher financial goals but never feeling satisfied

Always chasing a moving money target

Feel fears of losing control, money, or power

Hide not feeling not good enough behind overachieving, overworking

Not balancing your risk with financial security

Deceptive or keeping secrets about money

Spend to avoid being criticised or feeling empty

Engaging in compulsive spending

Get caught in feeling the need to win approval

 Perhaps you did not know

 “Fear has often been the driving force.”

If your spirit is shouting YES and you are ready to harness your sacred power, you will want to join me in this prosperous woman's Break through to Financial Freedom workshop.


In this workshop you will discover;

What specifically is holding you back from living your prosperous authentic life now? Identify in these key areas what is holding you back so you can identify the gap in life & business. Get crystal clear about what it is you really want instead so you can move forward in powerful alignment.

Are you an entrepreneur?








Are you a woman seeking financial freedom?



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Identify current gaps, get crystal clear, and focus your energy on what you want instead. If you want financial freedom in your business, this workshop is designed for you!

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Janet says “doing this work is not about money, it’s about what money can teach us about ourselves.” I didn’t really get that until I started Awaken Your Inner Financial Power. Aka Money Alignment Course. Now I understand with my heart that our relationship with money is a symbol of self-worth.

As I move through spaces of vulnerability, release, and empowerment with this work, I can identify a quietly powerful truth: Janet’s coaching is at the core of women’s personal development because it exposes and explores what we need to allow -self-value.

This work is timely, it’s needed, and it’s a gift. Thank you!                        

-Kalyn Sloan, Empathic Writer