Prosperous Woman Luxury Yoga, Wealth, and Horse Empowerment Retreat

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Listen to the quiet. When was the last time you felt connected……...truly connected?


Do you dream of spending a day with horses?

Do you desire a connection to your inner abundance?

Do you want to live your life on purpose and in alignment?

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It’s my privilege to invite you to a personal empowerment  retreat at the luxurious 4 Tress Estates Riding arena in the county west of Grande Prairie. Where you will connect with the power of horses and learn to create sacred space by connecting within, build confidence & leadership skills that will transform how you think and feel about yourself, your relationships, and money.

Perhaps now is the perfect time for you to deepen your awareness. To take time to explore your thoughts and feelings and learn how to move to a place of center and live life more in alignment. 

Prosperous Woman Yoga, Wealth & Horse retreat is a space to cultivate mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial well-being. This day has been designed to allow you to experience the benefits of yoga, relax your mind, and body and ignite your creativity, while spending time in the presence of horses. A place to come home to self as you connect mind, body and soul.

Empower a new harmonic  relationship within you and money by understanding your unique money blueprint. You will discover ways  to align your inner money compass and strategies to break through to financial freedom. Discover how to align your energy, your time, and how you use money in ways that matter most. You will leave here feeling connected to your values, more positive, and inspired to take courageous authentic action in life and business.


Empower a new harmonic money relationship by understanding your unique money blueprint. Learn to align your inner money compass and strategies to break through to financial freedom. Learn to align your energy, your time, and how you use money in ways that matter most, connected to your values, ways that feel positive, and inspire you to take courageous authentic action in life and business.

Explore the magical horse-human connection in and out of the saddle. Learn to create alignment by getting grounded in the essence of you and the energy of the horse. This session begins on the ground by learning basic horse skills such as grooming, handling, and horse talk. Begin to open your mind body and soul as you connect to breathe, your thoughts and feelings about you and your horse partner for the day.

 Experience other activities that will nurture your soul’s confidence like a nature walk, the power of affirmations, and becoming fully present, set new intentions as you end the day with quiet time for yourself by the water pond where you can record your takeaways in your journal.

Only 4 Spaces Are Available Per Day

Mother & daughter, friends, relatives, co-workers or just for you girl!

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Here’s what you will experience in this luxurious day retreat!


Yoga Alignment
From beginner to experienced yogi, this session is designed to get you grounded, to connect deep within so you can experience a more authentic connection to yourself and later to your horse. Creating alignment through yoga poses, opening in your chakra energy centers to create space for deeper love and openness.

Financial Empowerment Discussion
Next to loving ourselves, managing money is one of the most important lessons that we can learn to be empowered, independent, self-sufficient women. Let’s start here with simple, easy-to-understand lessons to build a prosperous financial foundation supporting in creating financial freedom on your terms.

Due to food sensitivities we encourage you to bring a Nutritional lunch. Snacks, drinks such as teas, coffee, and water will be provided. 

Power of Horse
EASE ~ Equine-assisted self-empowerment is designed to build confidence, and learn basic horsemanship such as care, grooming, handling, and leading a horse. Experience connection in the saddle if you are ready. Extra yoga stretches to create a more open balanced you. Connect on a deeper level to your body, thoughts, and emotions between you and your horse.  

Meditation Walk
Take off your shoes, experience the sight, sounds, smells, and beauty of nature. Here you will also receive a special offering  to release and create new intentions will empower you as you move through this journey of life.

End the day with quiet time just for you to sit by the water foundation, create new intentions to ignite your days ahead, and be in stillness to embody the fullness of the day.

Day Retreat (6 Hours): 9am to 3pm


Private $450

2 People $900

3 People $1250.00

4 People $1650.00


*Yoga will be at a beginner level. Snacks will be provided however feel free to bring along your own if you have food sensitivities.

Must love dogs, cats, and horses.

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About Janet


This has been my dream to share with you the gifts, insights, and healing modalities that brought me to this place of wholeness, happiness and prosperity.

As a prosperous woman I have been growing and expanding for most of my life towards a higher greater version of myself.

I was not always prosperous. In fact, I lived a very unhappy, unhealthy life for many years. Too often I wanted my life to end. Thankfully, that is not a path I chosen.

That is why I am here today. Because life can be happier, we can be healthier and free. I believe this place is found within ourselves. Once you access it, everything changes. Are you ready for a shift?


What I have accomplished:

  • Reiki practitioner
  • Registered yoga teacher
  • Corporate banking career
  • Financial advisor certification
  • Held license in mutual funds 
  • Held Life license
  • Equestrian Yoga Certification


  • Financial Dignity Coaching certification with Christine Luken, Financial Lifeguard
  • Intuitive Coaching Academy - Candace Mckim
  • CCF Coach practitioner certification
  • Sacred Money Archetypes certification


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